Life on the Farm

Lower Clopton Farm is nestled at the base of Meon Hill just 7 miles south of Stratford-upon-Avon at the gateway to the Cotswolds.  A family run business, Richard is the third generation to work this 211 acre farm which produces traditionally farmed beef, lamb and turkey as well as a small amount of arable crops which are mainly used to feed and bed the stock.

Running a mixed farming system of sheep, cattle and arable ensures a good rotation on the land, which means we can run a clean grazing system for our livestock.  This greatly reduces the need for wormers and antibiotics and also helps reduce the need for artificial fertilizers.  The farm is FABBL registered which means we follow stringent rules and it is inspected annually.

Our small suckler herd of Limousin and Belgian Blue cows graze on the side of Meon Hill, and are used to produce the high quality beef for the shop. During the cold winter months the cattle are loose housed here on the farm in well ventilated straw yards and are fed and bedded daily. Calving takes place in early Spring and all the calves are reared on cows, which means that they stay with their mothers for 7 months from birth. After which they are weaned from their mothers and are reared on until they are 20 - 24 months old.

Richard has a small flock of pedigree Suffolk sheep which is used to breed the superior quality rams used to sire the lambs from our Welsh Mule ewes. Ewes are housed in January ready to have their lambs in February, after which they are turned back out to the lush Spring grass.

Suzie looks after our flock of free-range chickens that supply fresh eggs to the shop daily.  Roaming freely in the orchard, they are fed on home grown corn, which helps to produce those perfect golden yolks.

Our prime Christmas turkeys are free range and reared in natural surroundings here on the farm from day old chicks.  All our turkeys are free range and are either bronze or white.  They are reared to TFTA quality standards and are fully mature before slaughter. The Totally Traditional symbol guarantees that the turkey you order has been fed a natural cereal based diet which is free from anti-bioticsand growth promoters.

We respect animals...

Our animals are naturally fed and traditionally farmed to the highest standards of care and respect, giving you the ultimate traceability from pasture to plate.

We opened the shop to supplement our farming income back in November 2004.  It’s been an interesting learning curve mastering retailing and butchery skills while running the farm, but we’ve enjoyed it and there’s no going back! We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience, so please forward any ideas you may have.

We love the environment too, so all our carrier bags are biodegradable.

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