Buying Policy

We believe in supporting the British economy and the local farming community, so you’ll find that 99% of the produce available in our store is British.  Most of our food has travelled a maximum of 50 miles and our staff are all locals.

Most of the meat reared on our farm goes through the shop and only seasonal vegetables and fruit are sold.  It’s easy to forget that, while the British climate produces some of the most fabulous tasting fruit and vegetables, we cannot grow them all year round.  Buying direct from the farm puts you in touch with the seasons when the produce is the best you can get.

The less food is hauled, handled and added to, the better it is.

We are passionate about supplying top quality fresh local food for the public and all our products can be traced to where they are grown locally. What’s more, transporting food around the world is damaging the environment.

Visit our suppliers page to get the full run down of the local farmers we support through the shop.

 “But doesn’t this make your produce more expensive?”

That's a myth. Farmers Weekly recently costed a typical basket of food from a number of farm shops around the country against the prices of two major supermarkets.

The two cheapest sources were farm shops, and the most expensive was one of the supermarkets!

"Join the converted and start buying quality meat and veg from your local farmers!" ...we promise you'll taste the difference.

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