In the Farm Shop

Fruit and Vegetables

From good old-fashioned spuds and carrots to spinach, asparagus, curly kale and the freshest soft fruit during the summer months, we offer a wonderful variety of quality seasonal fruit and vegetables bursting with flavour from the fields around us.

The majority of our fruit and vegetables come from a 20 mile radius of our farm, most of which is from very local farmers in the north of the Cotswolds, or even out of our own garden.  Fresh herbs can be picked for you by request (in season) from our garden.

Let us help you redefine FRESH!

Our potatoes come from down the road in Clifford Chambers and Snowshill, just south of us. Much of our soft fruit comes fresh from the Vale. Our delicious crisp asparagus travels just a few miles from Willersey.

We also stock an array of frozen fruits, supplied by Windmill Hill Fruits from Herefordshire, to offer a taste of summer all year round.


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