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Whether you’re looking for fresh gravies and sauces for a special occasion, gourmet relishes, ketchups and pickles for a BBQ or lunch al fresco, horseradish for your roast beef, pasta or curry sauce for a quick mid-week meal ….or just to restock your pantry, you’ll find all you need within our shop.

Stokes Real Tomato Ketchup actually tastes of tomatoes and is a  Great Taste Award Winner for good reason. Gluten free with no artificial colourings, flavourings or sweeteners. One of our best sellers and definite store cupboard essential.

We stock R-Oil cold-pressed Rapeseed Oil from the Cotswolds.  Entirely natural and extracted in the same way as extra virgin olive oil but lower in saturated fat (R-Oil: 7%, Olive Oil: 14%). R-Oil is already being used in Michelin-starred restaurants for deep frying, salad dressing, marinades and roasting.... Simple, sustainable, delicious!

Cotswold Gold Rapeseed Oil is similar to R-Oil, but also comes plain or infused with different flavours, why not try frying some fish in the lemon oil, or give a steak a kick with the garlic oil.

Everything you need for an excellent Sunday lunch, picnic, barbeque or dinner party.

Homefarm Pasta Sauces are all produced by hand, using only the finest natural ingredients. Authentic pasta sauces perfect for quick family meals.

Madhuban Curry Sauces were featured as some of the best sauces on the market by The Daily Telegraph & The Daily Mirror. Truly authentic restaurant-style curry sauces. They don't just taste like the real thing, they are the real thing!

Hayles apple juice have no added sugars, waters or preservatives, their juice is suitable for diabetics and is great for children who require a sweet taste but without any artificial colours or additives.

We hand make our own jams, in small batches so it's just like homemade jam of yesteryear

Re-stock your freezer with our frozen range of woodland fruits, our hand made Yorkshire puddings, and croissants for lazy Sunday mornings.

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